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Custom Tailored. Content Rich. Deep Impact.
Change begins in the mind!

Change workshops are the foundation for sustainable change. Keynotes and keynote speeches are a wonderful way to initiate change and get your team enthusiastic about change. But sometimes the effect of new ideas and impulses should be a little more sustainable. This is where Ilja’s tailor-made change workshops and transformation masterclasses come into play. Building on his many years of expertise, he will work with you to develop the right concept, define goals and deliver value-added content that your organization will benefit from for a long time to come. The change workshops usually last between three hours and three days. It does not matter how large the number of participants is (anything between 10 and 150 is possible) or which group of participants is involved (leadership group, sales team, middle management, etc.). The combination of a keynote speech and an in-depth change workshop in one day is particularly popular. Just talk to us, we will find the right concept for you. And of course all workshops can also be carried out virtually.

You can't think yourself into change. It's not enough just to talk about it. You have to take action. Not once but every single day. Until the new behaviour has become a powerful habit.

Five good reasons

for a change workshop with Ilja


Content with an Impact

Ilja’s great strength is his combination of years of practical experience and a permanent study of current methods when it comes to transformation and change workshops. Whatever change process you are facing in your company, you can be sure that Ilja will not only present content in a humorous and practical way, but will also have a lasting effect through the active involvement of the participants.


Tailor-Made Design

Every change workshop is different because every team, every company and every change process is different. Since Ilja Grzeskowitz has already worked in almost every industry for global corporations and medium-sized companies, he designs each workshop after an individual briefing, tailored exactly to your needs. Suitable for every group size, every occasion and every target group.


Customised to the Audience

Change workshops with the leadership team have to be structured completely differently than those aimed at middle management or the staff. This is where Ilja’s many years of experience as a managing director in retail and management consultants come into play, because he knows exactly about the respective needs and special features, all of which flow into the design of the workshop content and topics.


Interactive Teamwork

Yes, workshops are called workshop because there is work involved. Of course the participants also learn a lot of new content, methods and tools. But it is the interactive character that ultimately ensures that the topics developed are not only understood by everyone, but also lived and implemented in everyday life.


The Secret Ingredient

Ilja’s change workshops and transformation master classes have that “certain something”. They are entertaining, thought-provoking, packed with practical tools and methods, and contain messages that will change people’s minds. What is this secret ingredient? You can’t describe it, you have to experience “it”.

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