New Profile at Global Top Speakers

I am very proud to announce my new profile at “Global Top Speakers”, which you can view here: Since i speak about change and using your full potential, i think, i had to “walk my talk” and go new ways and adapt to the changes, that are about to take place in the next years.

As some of you will know, i am a big fan of english speaking countries and enjoy visiting scotland, england or amerika. Especially the speaking market in the united states is constantly inspiring me to think in new ways. This helps a lot, since i am growing both as a speaker and  business owner.

What do you believe in?

Quite a lot of people asked me, if i was planning to do some videos in english, as well. Okay, you asked for it, here it is. I am telling a true story and close with the most important question, that i asked myself in the past five years: What do i believe in?

In the future, i will occasionally produce some more videos in english, so look forward to that. In the meantime, enjoy my current take on “This is what i believe in”…

Please leave me a comment, what you believe in…

Ilja Grzeskowitz at Global Top Speakers


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