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If you are searching for an experienced and inspiring keynote speaker on the topics of change management, mindset, motivation or leadership, you’ve just found him. Ilja Grzeskowitz’s (pronounced Graesch -ko -witz) keynote speeches are full of research based content, strong messages with an impact and always humorous and entertaining. Whether in front of 30 or 3,000 participants, whether at your location or virtually from his own professionally equipped studio – he inspires your audience and creates a magical change experience and provide them with practical tools and takeaways for their daily business His keynote speeches are content rich, scientifically sound and always entertaining. Why this special combo? Because Ilja’s big goal is to make your event a huge success.

You can book a keynote speech, or for even more sustainable results, a combo of speech + workshop. Of course always spiced up with a good dose of my northern humour.

Keynote Speaker Mindset & Change
Inspiring. Entertaining. changing.

Magical Change Events – Live and Virtual

When you hire Ilja Grzeskowitz as the keynote speaker for your next event, conference or meeting, you can be sure: With his presentations he will inspire, influence and educate your audience. As an economist, former corporate executive and bestselling author of ten books, he combines strong content with lots of practical expertise. But it is his passion for the topic of change that makes him such an authentic speaker. As the keynote speaker for your event, you’ll get a presenter who walks his talk. With strong messages, thought-provoking ideas and lots of real-world examples. Ilja inspires, shakes up and motivates to change perspectives. He will make you laugh, think and most of all take action. You’ll get emotional stories, engaging impulses and practical advice on how to make change happen, roll up the sleeves and actively create the future together as a team.

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Key Speaker Ilja Grzeskowitz inspires, Moves and Changes hearts and Minds

Six Good Reasons
Keynote Speaker Change - What separates Ilja from others


No Bullshit

Iljas big strength as your keynote speaker is the combination of his deep expertise and the passion for the topic of change. And he uses exactly this expertise to provide the best possible content for you and your audience. Listening to his stories, you will learn, laugh and you just cannot help to take the necessary action. And because Ilja has been a store manager for Karstadt and IKEA, he knows all the sorrows, miseries and challenges your audience might go through. As a meeting planner, you can be certain that he will address every audience in a very individual way.


Custom Tailored Content

Because Ilja has presented in nearly every industry, for global organizations and also for traditional, middle sized companies, his experience has taught him: Even when a lot of the messages are universal, every audience and every event is different. Therefore Ilja does intensive briefing calls before every speech, so he can customize the titel, content and key messages to your specific needs and expectations. Perfectly fit for every group size, occasion or target audience. Suitable for every group size, every occasion and every target group.


You as the client are the star

You´re going to love working with Ilja as your keynote speaker. He is totally uncomplicated, humorous and very enthusiastic. No wonder, because he is there for you during the preparation and follow-up, but especially on the day of your event, and not the other way around. The result: The technicians appreciate his professionalism. You can fully concentrate on your host role. And your team and guests will feel like rock stars.


International Experience

You´re planning a multi-cultural event with guest from all over the world? No matter if you invite people from 3 or 50 different countries, you can relax, because as a global keynote speaker, Ilja has already spoken on 5 different continents, to people from all over the world. The experiences from his travels not only used for his change work, but also make sure, that your international conference is going to be a huge success.


The Secret Ingredient

Ilja’s lectures and keynote speeches have that “certain something”. They are entertaining, thought-provoking, packed with practical tools and methods, and contain messages that will change people’s minds. You want to know what “that special something” is? It´s hard to describe with words, you simply have to experience it.


Virtual. Hybrid. Remote. live

COVID-19 has massively changed the meeting landscape. Conferences, meetings and events take place in a wide variety of formats: live (yes, we all love it), virtual (at your place, in the studio or from Ilja’s studio) or hybrid (a small audience on site, the main part is remote via stream.) However, there is one point that should not change: the quality. As a professional, Ilja is not only happy to advise you, but also makes your virtual event a real highlight.

Change becomes simple
when you simply make a change.

Keynote speaker for change, mindset and motivation

Mr. Change turns your event into an experience.