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A selection of testimonials and references

Testimonial Marriott Hotels International Karim Rache

Karim Rached Project Director, Europe Finance / Marriott Hotels International

"We were all delighted with Ilja – his keynote address/speech was 'on point' and exactly what we were looking for. His 'change message' was easy to understand for our multi-cultural audience, delivered with good humor and self-deprecation – the attendees loved it! We particularly appreciated that he took time afterwards and made a real effort to connect with our delegates during breaks and meals for the rest of the day. From first contact, he was easy to work with and his preparation was immaculate, he worked seamlessly with our conference production company and was generally very easy to get along with – a very likeable individual with a good, positive and constructive message. Just what we'd been looking for!"

Testimonial Kao Andreas Spiess

Andreas Spiess, Vice President Business Management I Kao Salon Division - Global Goldwell I KMS

"Best in class" - is the only way to express the excellence of Ilja's presentation during our 2019 Kick Off Conference. With his down-to-earth style and presence he reached the hearts and minds of the members of our diverse multi-cultural organization to see change as an opportunity. "Oh Yeah" was authentic, inspirational and memorable. It was easy to understand and follow his positive, energetic, very professional and also entertaining speech. This paved the way for one of the best kick-off conferences we have held for our Global Salon Business Organization and ignited the positive mindset for the way we will experience change in the future. The positive feedback was overwhelming – big thanks to you Ilja.

Testimonial WWK Versicherungen Emilia Grover

Emilia Grover, Head of Human Resources Development | WWK Insurance

Dear Mr. Grzeskowitz, Finally, I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful presentation!! I'm fortunate to be able to get a lot of positive feedback. Many colleagues have already approached me to tell me that they found your lecture really great, rousing, motivating, inspiring and encouraging to finally tackle a topic.

Testimonal EK servicegroup Bettina Höner

Bettina Höner Head of Marketing / EK/servicegroup

Thank you very much for your amazing presentation at this year's Entrepreneurs' Congress. You greatly enriched the event and we received a lot of positive feedback on your presentation! You managed to captivate the audience with energy and humour - everyone could take something away for themselves.

Testimonial Rhenus Logistics AG und Co KG Jacek Dudkiewicz

Jacek Dudkiewicz International Business Development / Rhenus Logistics AG and Co. KG

Your presentation was great stuff!

Testimonial Telekom Franz-Josef Scherl

Theodor Micklinghoff Head of Sales for Major Customers / Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Changes start in the mind. For ninety very inspiring minutes, Ilja Grzeskowitz has shown us, how to create the necessary mindset

Testimonial Getrag International GmbH Bernd Eckl

Bernd Eckl Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing, Business Development & Corporate Communications / Getrag International GmbH

Change – it´s the attitude that decides if we succeed or not. Thank you for the inspiring presentation!

Testimonial BMW Financial Services Schweiz Roger Muhr Martina Merki

Roger Muhr & Martina Merki Head of Marketing / BMW Financial Services Switzerland

We were able to win Ilja Grzeskowitz as a keynote speaker for our BMW Financial Services dealer event and were very satisfied with our choice. Working with Mr. Grzeskowitz was very professional and extremely pleasant right from the start. In addition to the topic of change management, he also dealt with our industry-specific topics in the best possible way. Mr. Grzeskowitz inspired and moved our guests with an exciting presentation, whereby the humour was not neglected. We would like to thank Ilja Grzeskowitz for his valuable and stimulating contribution to our event and can highly recommend him. Dear Ilja, we wish you continued success and joy in your work. Thank you again for your presence and commitment at our event.

Testimonial Top 250 Tagungshotels Reinhard Peter

Reinhard Peter Managing Director / Top 250 conference hotels / re|pe|con

The hotel industry is facing lots of changes. Therefore, the keynote speech from Ilja Grzeskowitz was the perfect ending of our conference. Every single attendee got lots of new ideas, specific tools and the courage to implement them as well.

Testimonial Raiffeisenbank Oberösterreich AG Klaus Ullmann

Klaus Ullmann Head of Sales Promotion / Raiffeisenbank Oberösterreich AG

Ilja rocked our team right after lunch, on the hottest day of the year. Making change happen, that was the theme of his talk in front of our 250 leaders, and he inspired them all with his insightful speech about the 4 C´s of change. A very valuable preparation for the upcoming challenges of the future, and he even provided the necessary tools to master them. Awesome!

Testimonial Dymatrix Consulting Group Thomas Dold

Thomas Dold Managing Director / Dymatrix Consulting Group

OhYeah! That's our reaction after choosing Ilja Grzeskowitz as the closing keynote speaker for our Summit 2016. The feedback of the audience was great. At the end of our first day of the conference, he managed to energise our guests once again and, above all, to set new impulses. The feedback from our guests was consistently positive.”

Testimonial Russka Thomas Ritter

Thomas Dold Managing Director / Dymatrix Consulting Group

Your presentation was perfect for or conference. You gave the audience lot of valuable ideas and specific steps on how to implement them. Very usable for our partners.

Testimonial Unternehmerverband Mühlheimer Wirtschaft Hans-Peter Winfeder

Hanns-Peter Winfeder Chairman / Entrepreneurs' Association Mülheim Economy

Thanks for the passionate keynote speech. Ilja Grzeskowitz's messages left a noticeable impression, and we can take a lot from it for ourselves and our company.

Testimonial HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH Sabine Konradi

Sabine Konradi Segment Marketing Manager / HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH

Our audience loved you. Thank you very much for your outstanding keynote speech and the amazing show!!!

Testimonial Dailmer AG Rolf Plessing

Rolf Plessing Manager Service Engineering Construction / Daimler AG

Change Management. Ilja nailed the topic on the head, inspired the team and inspired everyone with great style, humor and storytelling. Until next time…!"

Testimonial SWISS International Air Lines Ltd. Elisabath Tanke Sugimoto

Elisabeth Tanke Sugimoto Senior Manager Culture, Change & Talent Management / SWISS International Air Lines Ltd.

“Thanks, Ilja, for sharing your passion for change as a chance to go beyond our self-created limitations. You touched and encouraged our SWISS audience with your witty life and business anecdotes. Audience reviews stated it was the best event of this kind ever!”

Testimonial P&G Taric Karroum

Taric Karroum Human Resources / Procter & Gamble

Your presentation was great! I'm a big fan of yours!


dr Heike Schiffler Management / Tetra Pak GmbH & Co KG

“You know what change is all about, when you listen to the real life experiences of this great keynote speaker. To hear Ilja Grzeskowitz speak energizes and inspires.

Testimonial Oberfinanzdirektion Hessen Jürgen Roßberg

Jürgen Roßberg Chief Finance President / Chief Finance Directorate Hesse

With his authentic and energetic keynote speech, Ilja Grzeskowitz has challenged our leaders to think different, make a change and use the new tools in the daily business: Leave their comfort zone, take a changece and be a role model Oh Yeah!

Testimonial Campus O2 Graz FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Börge Kummert

FH Prof. Dipl.-Ing. dr technical Börge Kummert Deputy Head of Innovation Management / Campus02 Graz

Dear Ilja, thank you once again for your magnificent keynote speech. The feedback from our 500 guests is overwhelming.

Testimonial Sparkassenversicherung Stephan Dayß

Stephan Dayß Specialist / SV Sparkassenversicherung

Mr. Grzeskowitz is an extremely professional, likeable and authentic speaker. With his unique style, he is able to get the attention of everyone right from the start. His content is deep, and he speaks with a lot of expertise. Thank you for an outstanding speech!

Testimonial KFW IPEX-Bank Dr. Axel Breitbach

dr Axel Breitbach Managing Director | KFW IPEX Bank

Ilja supported our internal management conference with his keynote speech on acting in times of uncertainty. He did a great job. Not only his insights were very informative and inspirational but also the way he presented was captivating and highly entertaining. We had many very positive feedbacks from the participating management.

Testimonial BITZER Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH Kai Kowalewsky

Kai Kowalewsky Director Materials Management / BITZER Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH

Thank you for your great contribution to the topic of change at our international meeting. Your keynote was very refreshing and so entertaining that the hour flew by. With your vividly presented content, you were able to set new impulses and inspire us to rethink our perspective on changes. In short - the feedback was excellent - you left a lasting impression.

Testimonial SIP Personalservice GmbH Christian Repnik

Christian Repnik Managing Director / SIP Personalservice GmbH, Graz Austria

With a lot of charm and in a cool, modern way, Ilja Grzeskowitz managed to work out the importance of a positive attitude with our team in a very short time. We are excited!

Testimonial Unilever Food Solutions Jörg Barth

Jörg Barth CD Capability Manager DA-CH / Unilever Food Solutions

Iljas keynote was inspiring and entertaining. With his likable personality he wow´ed the audience from the very first minute and his key messages were on point


Phillipp Pohoralek, Country Manager Germany, neuraxpharm

Ilja's presentation at our kick-off was great! He integrated the previous presentations excellently and inspired and motivated the team even more. I look forward to many more events with his support.

Testimonial Telekom Franz-Josef Scherl

Franz-Josef Scherl, Niederlassungsleiter Bayern / Telekom Deutschland GmbH

“Ilja explained the topic of “change” and how to deal with it very clearly and in a way that everyone could understand. If you didn't enjoy the changes, it's your own fault. Ilja not only makes it very practical, but also super exciting and entertaining with his style and examples. A tip for anyone who either enjoys change or is afraid of it.”

Testimonial DPD Group Boris Winkelmann

Boris Winkelmann, CEO DPD Group

Oh yes! Your inspiring and encouraging words were a highlight at our management conference.

Testimonial SAP Ahmed Zakaria

Ahmed Zakaria, Software Engineer / SAP

Ilja's talk on "Change and Transformation" during SAP S/4HANA cloud day 2020 was exceptional. I personally found it the highlight of the event. Ilja is not really your typical motivational speaker, he wasn't just promoting the benefits of change but he brought us tactics and clever approaches to hack our minds and be on the track to become the best version of ourselves. Thank you for being authentic, to the point, and impactful.

Testimonial Cancom Katja Dietrich

Katja Dietrich, Event Marketing Manager / CANCOM GmbH

Ilja added lots of value to our conference and he nailed it with his closing keynote speech. He was the perfect choice as a speaker. Because of his content, but even more for his personality.

Testimonial Festool Deutschland GmbH Rene Kruk

René Kruk, Managing Director / Festool Germany GmbH

Mr. Grzeskowitz won our sales team with his personal and down to earth attitude. His speech inspired everybody to want to be a part of the change.

jagenberg group

Sonja Bongers, Executive Assistant, Jagenberg Group

Initial restrained interest, coupled with a good portion of curiosity on the part of our management team, very quickly turned into great euphoria (according to the German dictionary Duden, a temporary overly cheerful and confident mood, high spirits, state of optimistic enthusiasm, intoxicatingly heightened exuberant feeling). Many thanks for that Ilya! We took away quite a lot from your inspiring talk."

Testimonial Pernod Ricard Deutschland Nicole Lichius

Nicole Lichius Head of Communication/CSR / Pernod Ricard Germany

Many thanks to Ilja Grzeskowitz. A big thank you to Ilja Grzeskowitz. He kicked of our annual management conference with his keynote speech, and the feedback was great. He was easy to work with and brought a lot of value for every participant.


Armin Schneider-Lenhof / Head of Marketing KUMAVISION AG

With his likeable manner, practical examples and personal stories, Ilja easily manages to captivate the audience, make them think, boost their motivation and elicit loud shouts of "Au Ja". Ilja's presentation was the highlight of our customer event! We are already looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Testimonial Deutsche Messe AG Sonia Wedell-Castellano

Sonia Wedell-Castellano, Sales Director / Deutsche Messe AG

It was a lot of fun working with Mr. Grzeskowitz. Thank you very much for the inspiring and outstanding Keynote Speech. Mr. Grzeskowitz has inspired us with his charming and very likeable personality. With real life storytelling, heart and humour, he showed us how to be able to deal with change. A great speaker who we are very pleased to recommend.

Testimonial Ritter Sport Jürgen Herrmann

Jürgen Herrmann, Managing Director Marketing / Ritter Sport

Ilja Grzeskowitz teaches change like no one else. How? So that you can't wait to take action, because it's fun. And why? Because it is fun! His speech was full of great content and highly emotional. Thank you, our team is ready.

Testimonial Kelvion GmbH Tanja Günther

Tanja Günther, Head of Internal Consulting / Kelvion GmbH

It was simply amazing. Ilja didn't just give a keynote speech, but managed to transport the message of change with simple and relevant examples. He highly customized his content, and everybody in the audience felt how easy dealing with change can be. Everyone got the message that change is a choice we need to make. Every single day. He energised the room, and sometimes you could hear a needle drop. He was highly entertaining and was able to “get” everyone in the room: Americans, Chinese and the Europeans. He also did not hide the pitfalls in the "change process" and the fact that courage and willingness to take risks are also part of it; so not everything is always SIMPLE. The buzzer and the slogan "Oh yeah!" are as SIMPLE as they are powerful and made us feel that anything is possible if everyone just said yes, I want this! His personal experiences helped us to realize that CHANGE can become a personal roller coaster.


Claudia Bellanti, City of Iphofen Tourism/Culture/Economic Development/Sport

Ilja's presentation at our wine tourism symposium was exactly the right speaker at the right place at the right time. Many listeners have been gratefully shaken up after the long Corona break and, with his help, have shed their fear of change. With a spirited AuJa! we Franconian wine tourism stakeholders will continue motivated. His words are still resonating in people's minds a few days later, and the fresh and amusing rhetoric provided the appropriate impetus. Many thanks for this!

Testimonial Fischer Automobile Amberg Melanie Achhammer

Melanie Achhammer Head of Marketing / Fischer Automobile Amberg

Mr. Grzeskowitz's keynote speech was very inspiring, practical and had just the right dose of humour. Many colleagues are still talking about it today! He left a lasting impression.

Testimonial Nespresso Christin Kohnke

Christin Kohnke, HR Director / Nespresso Germany GmbH

Ilja Grzeskowitz was just great as our keynote speaker. We have received consistently positive feedback. He left a lasting impression.


Erich Aschenbrenner Deputy Chairman of the Board / GeVaS Gesellschaft für Vermögensbildung und Sicherheit AG

Dear Ilja, we´d like to say THANK YOU for your inspiring keynote speech and so many valuable impulses at our kick-off event. It was a great way into start the new year!

Testimonial Primepulse Beate Rosenfeld

Beate Rosenfeld PRIMEPULSE SE / Head of Group Brand & Communication

Ilja's keynote at our General Management Meeting exceeded all expectations. His personal and casual style makes his presentations inspiring and motivating.

Referenzen 115

Anne Magritz Personnel Manager Ambau Personnel Service

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the engaging keynote speech yesterday. You moved us deeply with your words and your presentation. You were just as real and authentic in our briefing call as you were in your inspiring keynote speech. Your presentation was valuable, transported the right messages and suited the audience perfectly. You adapted your words individually to our topic "Team game - nobody wins alone!" and repeatedly made reference to AMBAU PS and the needs of our customers. The customers were just as enthusiastic as our team was. Our customers spoke of an "extreme enrichment for private and professional life", "consciously want to focus on new opportunities" and took many positive thoughts home with them. Colleagues and customers were infected by your passion. They were all inspired and spread the feeling of wanting to change something and to be braver, to question themselves. We thank you for your refreshing words, the important messages and the lasting impression you left on many of us.

Testimonial DieQUA Corporation Chris Popp

Chris Popp, Director of Sales & Marketing / Diequa Corporation, Chicago, IL. USA

Making changes happen is never easy. However, after following Mr. Grzeskowitz's change formula, it definitely became doable. It was worth traveling so far to hear his presentation. It's made a big impact on how I look at my situation.

Testimonial Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband Anke Kotkamp

Anke Kotkamp, German Savings Banks and Giro Association / Project Manager digitally design promotional loan processes

Mr. Grzeskowitz's keynote speech was both inspiring and practical and very appropriate for the closing of our conference. He quickly built rapport with our board members and inspired them to lead the change and actively shape the future.

Testimonial Biogen Martin Skoda

Martin Skoda, Head Medical Science Liaison / Biogen GmbH

Ilja´s keynote speech was outstanding and everybody felt inspired and valued the authenticity. We especially loved the fact, that Ilja customized his speech with all our wished from the pre-event briefing, and even used some of the content other speakers of the day were talking about. To sum it up: It was a brilliant speech and we already asked him to come back for another one.

Testimonial Deutsche MTM Vereinigung Franziska Wagner

Franziska Wagner, Project Manager Events / German MTM Association

OhYeah! Great speech. Our guests were raving about it!

Testimonial Konradin Mediengruppe Daniela Engel

Daniela Engel Editor / Konradin Media Group

The keynote speech by Ilja Grzeskowitz was very well received by the participants of the entrepreneur forum. The feedback was consistently positive.

Testimonial  Capgemini Invent Thomas Harlander

Thomas Harlander, Manager / Capgemini Inventory

I had the chance to book Ilja for a customer's keynote, in short: super inspiring keynote, with wit and charm from an extraordinary speaker! Ilja is highly professional and knows what he is talking about and how to wow his audience. However, he is by no means aloof or instructive and hit the nerve of the participants with his keynote. I am delighted and I highly recommend Ilja. I'm definitely looking forward to the next keynote.

Testimonial Dagema eG Berthold Gassmann

Berthold Gassmann Chairman of the Board / Dagema eG

Your keynote speech was on point and fitted our general theme perfectly. It was humorous and yet very convincing. You got to the point and made many entrepreneurs think and hopefully take action. In short: your presentation was great and deserved great applause. Kudos!

Testimonial Neta Ltd. A. Yekta Kölemenoglu

A. Yekta Kolemenoglu President / Neta Ltd., Istanbul Turkey

Thank you for your excellent speech. The presentation and the content were great and it was never boring, but very entertaining. After turning back to Turkey, the first thing I did was to show my team the notes I took during your keynote. Your ideas are very valuable in a market that changes rapidly.


Kim Müller, Head of Corporate Communications, E.ON Grid Solutions

"We laughed a lot, were surprised 'oh, really?!' and said 'Au Ja' again and again. Ilja's lecture and workshop sessions gave us new thoughts and courage to think and tackle things differently. Ilya brought a lot of energy to our conference."

Testimonial Mercedes Christine Heims

Christine Heimes, Manager Global Service and Parts Operations / Daimler AG / Global Service Training

“We were all excited! The lecture was very relaxed, suitable for the audience, very descriptive and with a message that was very important to us. During the following days there was always a lot of discussion from the day before. We're all still in the #oh yeah! – mode! And that's exactly what we wanted to experience together. Many thanks to Mr. Grzeskowitz for that.”

Testimonial Roche Diagnostics Rafael Hafen

Rafael Hafen, Account Manager / Roche Diagnostics Schweiz

We had the pleasure of welcoming Ilja Grzeskowitz as a key note speaker at our internal Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland) AG company event. His demeanor is professional, very affable and courteous. He got on really well with the entire event staff and did everything he could to ensure that his contribution was a success. The topic of the lecture was transformation. Ilja treated the topic in a very entertaining, eloquent and unusual way in his lecture. The audience not only hung on his every word as if captivated, but also took the core statements beyond the event into everyday life. The organizing team only received positive feedback on their appearance. I can highly recommend Ilja Grzeskowitz as a speaker. His performances are a unique experience.

Testimonial Volksbank Göppinger eG Michaela Staudenmayer

Michaela Staudenmayer, Volksbank Göppingen eG / Marketing & Kommunikation

"Ilja Grzeskowitz was a guest speaker at our kick-off event for the digitization offensive. His lecture was very impressive, emotional, supported by strong images and stories. He was able to captivate our employees right from the start and take them along on the path of change. He will stay in our memories for a long time because of his charm and his wit."

Testimonial Lapp Holding Alexander Lapp

Alexander Lapp, Manager Strategy & Processes Asia Pacific / Lapp Holding

Dear Ilja, thank you again for the energetic, refreshing and exciting keynote! A lot of our colleagues have been talking about TNT and #OhYeah all the time since the weekend - we're so happy to see how much you've all motivated us.

Testimonial abbvie Deutschland GmbH Markus National

Markus National Sales Manager / abbvie Germany GmbH

Bold & entertaining speech on the subject of change with many examples that will stay in people's minds for a long time - Oh Yeah!

Testimonial Matthias Reinig Takeda Pharma GmbH

Matthias Reinig, Head of Corporate Communications / Takeda Pharma GmbH

The keynote was brilliant in terms of content and rhetoric.

Testimonial LBS Saar Dirk Hoffmann

Dirk Hoffmann Management Spokesman / LBS Saar

There are people who talk a lot. And there are people who really have something to say. You, Mr. Grzeskowitz, belong to the second category.

Testimonial Deutsche Rentenversicherung Frank Moritz

Frank Moritz German Pension Insurance Berlin-Brandenburg / Deputy Public Relations

Our management team loved your keynote speech. An inspiring hour that challenged us to look into the mirror and explained how to approach change processes and how to master the associated challenges.

Testimonial HSH Nordbank AG

The entire team CRO area / HSH Nordbank AG

Change is the new normal! With this sentence and very practical insights, Mr. Grzeskowitz hit the right tone for our situation and gave us new impulses for our everyday work in a humorous way.

Testimonial Straumann Group Ronja Nunn

Ronja Nunn Events & Congresses | Straumann Group

Great praise and an even bigger thank you for Ilja's presentation at our sales conference. It was a huge success and the audience had a lot of fun!!!

Testimonial Investitions- und Marketinggesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt mbH Ines Massih-Richter

Ines Massih-Richter Head of Business Services | Investment and marketing company Saxony-Anhalt mbH

Dear Ilja, a very, very big thank you for your really important and great contribution to our Entrepreneur Day. Your presentation was refreshing, gave courage and made us want to change. Thank you very much for that!

Testimonial WKO Oberösterreich Dr.Christof Schumacher

Dr. Christof Schumacher, Chairman of the Information & Consulting Division / WKO Upper Austria

The FORUM IC 2018 was a great success. Your motivating and contentwise outstanding speech was awesome. Big thanks for being our Keynote Speaker.

Testimonial Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH Nadine Paschke

Nadine Paschke, Customer Program Manager / Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

Iljas engaging keynote speech has inspired our guests at the Paperworld Assistant Day. Great speech!

Testimonial Hypovereinsbank Reinhard Kleber

Reinhard Kleber, Head of Bavaria / Hypovereinsbank / Unicredit

Of course, our feedback comes in the form of the 4 W's: Moving forward - everyone was able to take a lot with them for their life - fitted in very well with the current situation. World class - your lecture inspired us very much and convinced us with its lively nature. Valuable - thought provoking. Important - to have your external view of the event and to explain things using simple examples.

Logo Linde Willenbrock

Dr. Ralf Dingeldein Managing Partner / Willenbrock|Linde Group

Dear Mr. Grzeskowitz: Great speech! That was a great presentation you gave today at #Willenbrock on the occasion of our annual kick-off "We are Sales!". It was very motivating and inspiring, the team is ready!!!

Testimonial Sparkasse Ingolstadt Martin Kleindl

Martin Kleindl, Head of Management Secretariat / Sparkasse Ingolstadt

Ilja Grzeskowitz embodies the new speaker generation without airs and graces. He inspires his audience with his relaxed manner and his clear and understandable speech. He knows how to work out important topics and put them in focus. focus on the needs of his customer. Listening to him transforms the fear of change into a wanting desire to chase for the huge opportunities out there.

Testimonial Schmachtl GmbH Günther Probst

Günther Probst, Managing Director / Schmachtl GmbH, Austria

Your presentation was extremely valuable to me and helped me to recall the key points in the opportunity management process and the need to motivate employees that goes along with it.

Testimonial Schloss Basthorst Christin Müller

Christin Müller, Sales Manager / Schloss Basthorst

Thank you for the great evening. Ilja Grzeskowitz was a TOP choice as a speaker!

Testimonial Provinzial Rheinland Versicherungs AG Michael Papenberg

Michael Papenberg Head of Sales / Provincial Rheinland Versicherung AG

Ilja Grzeskowitz provided important impulses at our sales conference with his lively, authentic presentation: Changes. Conference Speaker who makes a Difference! Compliments and many thanks.

Testimonial Gemba Austria Siegfried Frühwirt

Siegfried Fruehwirth, Managing Director / Gemba Austria

Mr. Grzeskowitz, we would like to thank you for your great contribution. It enriched our day immensely.

Testimonial KF Andersen Leadership Academy Dennis Jacobsen

Dennis Jacobsen, Senior Manager / KF Andersen Leadership Academy

We were impressed with Mr. Grzeskowitz's strong combination of communication skills, leadership paired with extensive business experience and the high level of personal energy, motivational outlook towards individuals and the group, as well as his positive attitude.

Testimonial Pall Corporation Salwa Abbound

Salwa Abboud, HR Manager/HRBP EMEA FTAP / PALL Corporation

“Dear Ilja, THANK YOU for your inspiring keynote speech. This was by far the best keynote. We were truly inspired and energized. Oh YEAH! Again, big thanks, it was awesome!

Testimonial Allegion Julia Hauser

Julia Hauser Marketing Specialist / Allegion

The audience at our customer day was completely enthusiastic about the presentation. Great entertainment. Perfect time management. Competently improvised when the technology went on strike. Ilja Grzeskowitz conveyed the topic of change management in an informative and amusing way and gave the audience practical tips along the way.

Referenzen 107

Harm Van Tongeren Managing Director D/A/CH / Unilever Food Solutions

"Thank you very much for your refreshing, very inspiring and spirited presentation on January 19th at the DA-CH conference in the Audi Forum Neckarsulm. Not only the German team, but also the employees in Vienna and Thayngen, who were connected via video conference, were very impressed. Your message of getting involved in something new, i.e. choosing, daring something new and then sticking with it, i.e. repeating it, fitted perfectly and resonated with everyone.”

Testimonial Jacoon GmbH Kai Feige

Kai Feige CEO / Jocoon GmbH

Ilja gave the participants of our event a lot to think about. Even many days after the lecture, #AUJA's could still be heard and there was a lot of talk about personal New York. Now it's time to ACTION! Thanks Ilja!

Testimonial BEWITAL petfood Jürgen Wigger

dr Jürgen Wigger Managing Partner / BEWITAL petfood GmbH & Co. KG

Ilja Grzeskowitz planted the change gene in the audience. Our 400 customers were enthusiastic about his stirring presentation! The mixture of valuable content and the entertaining presentation ensured that every single guest felt like making a change and was able to take concrete ideas for their business with them.

Testimonial VarioDrive Aandrijf Edgar Hogervorst

Edgar Hogervorst Sales Manager / VarioDrive Aandrijf, The Netherlands

It was a pleasure to hear your enthusiastic speech about change management.


Überblick über Iljas bisheriges Berufsleben
  • 1975: Geboren in der schönen Hansestadt Lübeck
  • 1994: Abitur am Carl-Jacob-Burkhardt Gymnasium zu Lübeck
  • 1994: Zivildienst am Universitätsklinikum Lübeck: Arbeit mit behinderten und lernschwachen Kindern in einer integrativen Einrichtung.
  • 1995 – 2001: Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften in Greifswald, Mannheim und Hamburg. Schwerpunktfächer: Marketing, Wirtschaftspädagogik und Organisationstheorie. Abschluss: Diplom Kaufmann
  • 1995 – 2001: Diverse Jobs, u.a.: Dolmetscher für amerikanische und nigerianische Unternehmen, Barkeeper, Businessplan Schreiber, Consultant für Start-Ups, Business Development Manager
  • 2002 – 2008: Geschäftsführer für insgesamt zehn Standorte von Karstadt, Hertie und Wertheim
  • 2008 – 2009: Storemanager IKEA in Hamburg
  • 2009: Gründung von Ilja Grzeskowitz – Veränderung. Einfach. Machen.
  • 2013-2015: Lehraufträge an der Berlin School of Law and Economics und der SRH Hochschule
  • Seit 2009: Internationaler Keynote Speaker, Bestsellerautor von 12 Büchern und Change Berater
  • Seit 2013: Initiator und Gastgeber des Change Awards
  • 2023: Gründung der Change Leaders Academy



Die Unternehmensphilosophie basiert auf unserem gesamten Denken, Handeln und Wirken. Unternehmen verändern sich, wenn die Menschen sich verändern. Deshalb glaube ich fest an zwei Dinge: An die Kraft der individuellen Persönlichkeit und die Magie einer von starken Werten getriebenen Veränderungskultur. Wenn sich die individuellen Bedürfnisse der einzelnen Menschen mit den übergeordneten Organisationszielen im Einklang befinden, entsteht ein magischer Cocktail aus Leidenschaft, Commitment und operativer Exzellenz. Dies haben wir in unserem Mission Statement zusammengefasst:

“Mein Businessansatz ist radikal menschlich, denn ich bin der festen Überzeugung, dass der Mensch in Zeiten der immer schneller werdenden Veränderung der wichtigste Erfolgsfaktor der Zukunft ist. Ich helfe Menschen dabei, ein auf Selbstbestimmung, persönlicher Freiheit und Sinnhaftigkeit basierendes Leben zu führen. Ich unterstütze Organisationen und Unternehmen, die großen Chancen der Veränderung zu nutzen und eine Change Kultur zu etablieren, die von geteilten Werten, Diversity und Sinn geprägt ist. Die individuelle Definition von Erfolg ist dabei der kraftvolle Fixstern, der Weg dort hin die Veränderung.”


Diese Werte treiben uns an
  • Verantwortung: Nur wenn jeder persönliche Verantwortung übernimmt, können wir gemeinsam erfolgreich sein.
  • Dankbarkeit: Wir gehen mit einer Attitude of Gratitude durchs Leben. Wir geben, bevor wir nehmen.
  • Diversity: Wir respektieren jeden Menschen so wie er ist und behandeln ihn individuell.
  • Integrität: Wir lassen Taten sprechen und tun, was wir angekündigt haben.
  • Unterstützung: Niemand gewinnt allein. Deshalb ist uns das Team heilig.
  • Familie: Erfolg hat bei uns eine klare Reihenfolge: Family First, dann kommt das Business.
  • Bedeutung: Für uns ist Job nicht nur Job. Unser gesamtes Wirken beruht auf Sinnhaftigkeit, um die Welt jeden Tag ein Stück besser zu machen.
  • Humor: Wir lachen gerne und viel, besonders über uns selbst. Denn für uns muss Arbeit vor allem eins: Spaß machen!
  • Qualität: Wir haben hohe Ansprüche an unsere Produkte, unseren Service, besonders aber an uns selbst.
Natürlich gibt es für uns auch einige NO-GO‘s:

Gleichgültigkeit. Beliebigkeit. Feigheit. Egoismus. Rumeierei. Zynismus. Humorlosigkeit. Schwarzmalerei. Gewalt. Hass. Dogmatismus. Besserwisserei. Opportunismus.


Diese Überzeugungen treiben uns an
  • Wir glauben, dass Unternehmen sich verändern, wenn die Menschen sich verändern.
  • Wir glauben, dass eine Kultur der Veränderung jede noch so ausgetüftelte Strategie schlägt.
  • Wir glauben, dass wir für unsere Ergebnisse verantwortlich sind. Für die guten, wie die schlechten.
  • Wir glauben, dass in jedem Problem eine Chance steckt.
  • Wir glauben, dass Motivation auf Sinnhaftigkeit und Werten basiert und nicht auf externen Faktoren.
  • Wir glauben, dass in jedem Menschen ein großes Feuer lodert, das nur darauf wartet, entzündet zu werden.
  • Wir glauben, dass sich alles verändert, wenn Sie sich verändern.
  • Wir glauben, dass innovatives Denken, harte Arbeit und Commitment die Grundlage für Erfolg bilden.
  • Wir glauben an Individualität und Diversity statt an Gleichmacherei.
  • Wir glauben an einfache Lösungen und nicht an komplizierte Probleme.
  • Wir glauben an Klarheit, Entschiedenheit und Integrität.
  • Wir glauben an Ergebnisse und nicht an Ankündigungen.
  • Wir glauben, dass der Umgang mit Veränderung die wichtigste Schlüsselkompetenz der Zukunft sein wird.


Auszeichnungen, Awards & Preise
  • 2013: Publikumspreis für außergewöhnliche Rednerleistungen
  • 2013: Rednerpreis „Best Media“
  • 2014: Rednerpreis „Best Performer“
  • 2016: Aufnahme als erster Deutscher in den C-Suite Book Club in New York City
  • 2016: Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), verliehen durch die National Speakers Association in Phoenix/Arizona
  • 2016: Rednerpreis „Best Brand“
  • 2018: Best Business Book Award für über 100.000 verkaufte Exemplare auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse
  • 2019: Fellow of the PSA, verliehen durch die Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland


Honors, awards & prizes
  • 2013: Audience Award for Outstanding Speaking Achievements
  • 2013: Speaker award “Best Media”
  • 2014: Speaker award “Best Performer”
  • 2016: Admission as the first German to the C-Suite Book Club in New York City
  • 2016: Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), awarded by the National Speakers Association in Phoenix/Arizona
  • 2016: Speaker award “Best Brand”
  • 2018: Best Business Book Award for over 100,000 copies sold at the Frankfurt Book Fair
  • 2019: Fellow of the PSA, awarded by the Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland


These beliefs drive us
  • We believe that companies change when people change.
  • We believe that a culture of change beats even the most elaborate strategy.
  • We believe that we are responsible for our results. For the good and the bad.
  • We believe that in every problem lies an opportunity.
  • We believe that motivation is based on purpose and values and not on external factors.
  • We believe that in every human being there is a great fire just waiting to be ignited.
  • We believe that when you change, everything changes.
  • We believe that innovative thinking, hard work and commitment are the basis for success.
  • We believe in individuality and diversity instead of equality.
  • We believe in simple solutions and not complicated problems.
  • We believe in clarity, decisiveness and integrity.
  • We believe in results, not announcements.
  • We believe that dealing with change will be the most important key competence of the future.

code of values

These values drive us
  • Responsibility: We can only be successful together if everyone takes personal responsibility.
  • Gratitude: We go through life with an attitude of gratitude. We give before we take.
  • Diversity: We respect everyone as they are and treat them individually.
  • Integrity: We act and do what we promise.
  • Support: Nobody wins alone. That’s why the team is sacred to us.
  • Family: Success has a clear sequence for us: family first, then the business.
  • Meaning: For us, a job is not just a job. Everything we do is based on meaningfulness in order to make the world a little bit better every day.
  • Humor: We like to laugh a lot, especially about ourselves. For us, work has to do one thing above all: be fun!
  • Quality: We have high demands on our products, our service, but especially on ourselves.
Of course there are also some NO-GO’s for us:

Indifference. arbitrariness. Cowardice. Egoism. bumbling. Cynicism. lack of humor black painting. Force. Hate. dogmatism. know-it-all. Opportunism.


corporate philosophy

The corporate philosophy is based on our entire thinking, acting and working. Businesses change when people change. That’s why I firmly believe in two things: the power of individual personality and the magic of a culture of change driven by strong values. When the individual needs of each person are in line with the overarching organizational goals, a magical cocktail of passion, commitment and operational excellence is created. We summarized this in our mission statement:

“My business approach is radically human, because I am firmly convinced that in times of ever faster change, people are the most important success factor for the future. I help people to lead a life based on self-determination, personal freedom and meaning. I support organizations and companies to seize the great opportunities of change and to establish a change culture characterized by shared values, diversity and meaning. The individual definition of success is the powerful fixed star, the way there is change.”


Overview of my previous professional life
  • 1975: Born in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Lübeck
  • 1994: Abitur at the Carl-Jacob-Burkhardt Gymnasium in Lübeck
  • 1994: Civilian service at the University Hospital in Lübeck: work with disabled and slow-learning children in an integrative facility.
  • 1995 – 2001: Studied economics in Greifswald, Mannheim and Hamburg. Main subjects: marketing, business education and organizational theory. Degree: Diplom Kaufmann
  • 1995 – 2001: Various jobs, including: interpreter for American and Nigerian companies, bartender, business plan writer, consultant for start-ups, business development manager
  • 2002 – 2008: Managing Director for Karstadt, Hertie and Wertheim with a total of ten locations in Lübeck, 2x Hamburg, Kassel, Mönchengladbach, Frankfurt/Oder and 5x Berlin
  • 2008 – 2009: Store Manager IKEA in Hamburg
  • 2009: Foundation of Ilja Grzeskowitz – change. Simple. Do.
  • 2013-2015: Lectureships at the Berlin School of Law and Economics and the SRH Hochschule
  • Since 2009: International keynote speaker, bestselling author of 12 books and change consultant
  • Since 2013: Initiator and host of the Change Awards
  • 2020: Founding of the Solopreneur Club