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Creating Opportunities & living Change

Change isn’t what’s happening around you, it’s how you deal with it. In this lecture by keynote speaker Ilja Grzeskowitz, you will learn how to recognize and use the opportunities of change even in uncertain times. With the 4 C’s of change you get a formula that you can implement directly and use in your everyday life. The individual ingredients form the foundation of the attitude that makes change work. With which you can actively shape change, prepare your company for the challenges of the future and create a culture of openness and willingness to change.
The result: A high level of motivation, strong implementation skills and an attitude that allows you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by change, even under difficult conditions. In short: you will learn. You will laugh. And after the lecture you will get a lot of desire to do something.

Some of the contents of the lecture about change and transformation

  • Why is dealing with change the most important skill of the future?
  • Looking in the mirror: what are the ways of dealing with change and which of them apply to me?
  • The click in your head moment: How do you manage to focus on the opportunities and possibilities of change.
  • What are the pitfalls of change processes and what is the best way to avoid them?
  • The Surfer Type Culture: How to work together as a team, make bold decisions and shape the future together
  • The battery changer mentality: How to develop strong implementation skills.
  • …and much more.
You can book this lecture on the subject of change for any conceivable event. Whether 30, 300 or 3000 people. Whether live on site, hybrid or virtual. Whether in your company or at a large congress. We adapt the content individually to your wishes and needs. This is exactly what you are looking for? Just click the button and get in touch with us.

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