The Changemaker Mindset

Personality is Key to Business Success

Why Change is a matter of Attitude

In this entertaining and interactive lecture, keynote speaker Ilja Grzeskowitz impressively demonstrates the attitude that is necessary to implement change processes in a sustainable manner. He shows simple solutions how everyone can successfully trim their inner attitude towards change. This inspiring lecture offers a high level of practical benefit, motivates you to immediately “roll up your sleeves” and get hands-on and convinces with authentic expert knowledge. Because your company will only change if people change. With the right inner attitude, it is possible to find solutions even under difficult conditions instead of looking for reasons why something doesn’t work. It’s about solutions that invite you to tackle, implement and do. In this lecture, Ilja Grzeskowitz shows how to align one’s own mindset in such a way that changes are no longer a threat, but a great opportunity to grow as a personality and be successful as a team. The expert for change and transformation encourages when he conveys the core message to his listeners: It is never the external circumstances that prevent us, but always the way in which we deal with these challenges.

From his time as managing director in retail, Ilja Grzeskowitz knows the need for effective change management very well. In his presentation, it quickly becomes clear: Mr. Change “walks his talk” when he talks about change and, using inspiring practical examples, makes one thing clear above all: Change is a matter of attitude – success and failure are always decided between the ears. In the lecture “The Changemaker Mindset”, the change speaker describes the attitude with which it is possible to accept existing challenges, roll up your sleeves and grab the future by the horns. This powerful spirit of positive change carries over to your event.

With a lot of humour, practice-oriented solutions and, above all, passion, Ilja Grzeskowitz quickly makes it clear: Change is easy. When you make change easy.

Keynote speaker for change, innovation and transformation

Mr. Change turns your event into an experience.