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Permanent change has become the normal: Megatrends such as digitization, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data or high-speed mobile internet ensure that markets, business models and especially our jobs are changing radically. But how do you deal with the resulting intensity, complexity and uncertainty?

In his keynote speech “We are Change!”, Ilja Grzeskowitz shows how it is possible not to be intimidated by transformation and change, but to master the challenges of the coming years. From his own career – shaped by changes and restructuring – as a former managing director of Karstadt and IKEA, the change expert knows what is most important: employees, customers and colleagues want to be guided and taken along on the path to the future. The human being with his individual personality becomes the driver of innovations and thus a success factor. With inspiring practical examples, Ilja shows how people can assert themselves through common values, transparent communication or a corporate culture driven by meaning, even in a future dominated by technology.

A decisive factor is the development of a strong doer mentality. Anyone who relies on clarity, takes personal responsibility, focuses on the huge opportunities and possibilities, shows courage as a team player, practices decision-making ability and discipline, develops the necessary change competence. Let Ilja Grzeskowitz inspire your people to become a real time in his keynote speech “We are Change”.

Some of the contents of the lecture on transformation and change

  • How can you actively shape the future?
  • Why the focus should be on opportunities and opportunities, not the things that don’t work.
  • How sustainable transformation succeeds.
  • The 7 – 2 – 66 formula for high implementation competence.
  • Willingness to change instead of frustration with change.
  • The emotional roller coaster ride called change. And how to enjoy them.
  • …and much more.

You can book this lecture on the subject of change for any conceivable event. Whether 30, 300 or 3000 people. Whether live on site, hybrid or virtual. Whether in your company or at a large congress. We adapt the content individually to your wishes and needs. This is just what you are looking for? Just click on the button and get in touch with us.

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