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Change Leadership - Modern Leadership in Times of Change

Keynote Leadership: Leading yourself and others through change

When Ilja Grzeskowitz talks about leadership and management, it quickly becomes clear what a wealth of experience the former top manager has. No wonder, since during his time as managing director for Karstadt, Wertheim, Hertie and IKEA he managed a total of 11 locations throughout Germany, was responsible for a sales volume of more than 500 million euros and managed hundreds of department heads and thousands of employees. His most important insight: good leadership and sustainable results go hand in hand.

Leadership is not a title, but an attitude

The Leadership lecture is packed with practical examples, inspiring stories and modern leadership tools that can be applied immediately in everyday life. And modern leadership is more important today than ever before, as is clear to every entrepreneur, executive and manager. But in times of digitalization, radically new customer needs and permanent change in the VUKA world, leadership requires a completely new skill set and mindset.

From traditional boss to modern leader

On the one hand, as a leader, you have to get used to the changed framework conditions yourself and constantly realign your own patterns of thought and behavior. But that’s not all, because your own employees, team members and customers also want to be guided through this transformation process. They need and expect orientation, transparent communication and empathy.

How leadership in change succeeds

In his presentation Leadership, Ilya Grzeskowitz explains how the balancing act between personal responsibility and team spirit can be achieved on a daily basis. He does not use the famous finger of blame, but instead presents the topic in a way that invites people to question their own ways of thinking and to try out new approaches. The mixture of well-founded, scientific backgrounds and experience from daily management work provides many “aha” insights, invites a change of perspective and ultimately leads to a leadership culture that puts people at the center without losing sight of the opportunities of digitization.

Leadership Keynote: People at the heart of modern leadership

Despite the importance of skills, techniques and leadership methods, one thing is becoming increasingly clear in times of change and transformation: people must be at the center. And that requires completely different leadership skills today than it did just a few years ago. Because if you want to win in the future, you have to win people in the present.

Messages and topics of the keynote leadership

  • Rüm Hart – Klaar Kiming: The Mindset of Modern Leaders
  • Leadership vs. management
  • From boss to leader: What characterizes leadership in change in 2023?
  • Leading Change: Walking yourself and others through change processes
  • How to form and lead real teams
  • What makes people tick and what really motivates them
  • How you, as a manager, deal with change-resistant people.
  • The 3 most important characteristics of good leaders

The world is craving for modern leaders who will lead your teams to a successful future

In the entertaining, rousing and inspiring lecture Leadership Ilja Grzeskowitz shows how everyone can become a leader. And what skills, what abilities and what mindset are needed for this. Your audience will be excited, and will want to implement the new ideas directly into their everyday leadership. Don’t leave your company’s leadership culture to chance; it’s best to contact us directly.

When managers become modern leaders
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