Leading Change

How to take Ownership and be a Role Model for the People around you

Modern Leadership in Times of Change & Transformation

Book the keynote speech on the topic of leadership. Change starts with taking Ownership That is clear to every entrepreneur, every executive and every manager. But in times of digitization, radically new customer needs and permanent change in the VUCA world, leadership requires a completely new skill set and mindset (modern leadership). On the one hand, as a leader, you have to get used to the changed framework conditions yourself and constantly realign your own patterns of thought and behavior. But that’s not all, because your own employees, team members and customers also want to be guided through this transformation process. They need and expect orientation, transparent communication and empathy.

In his leadership keynote speech “Leading Change” Ilja Grzeskowitz explains how to manage to do justice to the balancing act between personal responsibility and common team spirit on a daily basis, using vivid examples, emotional stories and practice-oriented tools. The mixture of well-founded, scientific backgrounds and experience from daily management work provides many aha insights, invites you to change perspectives and ultimately ensures a management culture that puts people at the center without losing sight of the opportunities of digitization .

Some of the contents of the lecture on leadership and guidance

  • Why is dealing with change the most important skill of the future?
  • What does modern leadership look like?
  • What characterizes the leadership of the future?
  • The most important skills of modern leadership.
  • How to form and lead real teams.
  • How people tick and what really motivates them.
  • How you, as a manager, deal with change-resistant people.
  • …and much more.

You can book this lecture on the subject of change for any conceivable event. Whether 30, 300 or 3000 people. Whether live on site, hybrid or virtual. Whether in your company or at a large congress. We adapt the content individually to your wishes and needs. This is exactly what you are looking for? Just click the button and get in touch with us.

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