Keynote Speech Motivation

The Magic of Motivation - The Inner drive for change

Keynote Motivation: Igniting the inner fire for change

How do you succeed in inspiring yourself and others for courageous ideas and new ways? How do you deal with resistance to change? And above all, how do you create real motivation that has a lasting effect and doesn’t fizzle out again after just a few days? Ilja Grzeskowitz addresses all these questions in his lecture Motivation.

Motivating messages and memorable examples

The presentation Motivation by keynote speaker Ilja Grzeskowitz is peppered with personal experiences from his many years as a top manager in the retail industry, exciting practical examples and motivating messages that will remain in the memory for a long time. Your participants will be enthusiastic and will continue to benefit from this day long after the lecture. But most especially, you’ll feel like implementing, rolling up your sleeves, and integrating a new motto into your daily life: “I’m just going to do it now.”

Real motivation beyond chakka chakka

In the Motivation keynote, you will learn how truly anyone can become a changemaker. How to develop an inner motivation that enables you to take responsibility, actively shape change and be successful together with your team in the disruptive markets of tomorrow. You will receive ideas, tools and impulses with which you are well-equipped for the challenges of the future. The result: They are happy about new paths, every single change, every single disruption. Because you know: It is a unique opportunity to get better, to develop further and to position yourself as number 1 in the minds of your customers.

Motivation for change – Successful together as a team

Have you noticed it too? Everyone wants change, but no one wants to change. Because everyone is counting on others to do something. But sustainable results can only be achieved together. In a motivated team in which everyone learns from everyone else, everyone pulls together and everyone takes responsibility in their area. Because the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what position we have. Each and every one of us can make a huge difference in our place and contribute as a changemaker to transform a team, a company or an organization as a whole. How this works, you will learn in the lecture Motivation

Keynote “The Magic of Motivation

When people develop genuine and sustainable motivation, it often looks like magic from the outside. In fact, the desire to break new ground is by no means something reserved for the few. Instead, the right inner drive emerges almost by itself if you know what matters and which adjusting screws promise the greatest leverage.

Messages and contents of the keynote motivation

  • Sustainable motivation instead of chakka chakka
  • We are Change – The Power of a Good Team
  • 5 minutes of complaining is okay – An ingenious mental technique
  • Putting an end to the self-optimization mania – How change really works
  • What drives people and prevents them from achieving desired results
  • The IKEA factor: Are you still hesitating or are you already doing it?
  • The 1 -66 – 1 formula for a distinctive implementation competence
  • How powerful habits are formed
  • The most important success factors of true motivation

Actively Shaping the Future – With Passion and Heart and Soul

In the Motivation lecture, Ilya Grzeskowitz not only talks about the power of a brightly burning inner fire, but he also lets the spark jump to your audience. With motivating stories, practical examples and a large portion of his northern German humour, the magic of motivation arises all by itself.

Treat your employees, your leadership team or your customers to a special kind of motivation booster. With a keynote speech full of “aha” moments, memorable messages and an atmosphere of optimism that will continue to resonate long after the event.

Ilja Grzeskowitz motivates for change
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