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Change begins in the mind – and can be trained

Change Training, why do I even need it? Simple. Keynote Speeches are a wonderful way to take on new perspectives, challenge existing ideas and behaviours, and initiate necessary changes. The great art, however, is not to let motivation wane, but to ensure sustainable results. For this reason, I have developed three formats that ensure that dealing with change management, mindset and leadership becomes second nature and is not only understood, but lived on a daily basis:




All three concepts deliver high added value, both in terms of content and in the way they are delivered, from which the participants and their organization will benefit for a long time to come.

The most important benefits of change training

On this page you will find all the information about the formats and content, which we will of course tailor to your individual requirements and needs. And if you have any questions beyond that, feel free to drop me a line.

I am looking forward to our cooperation.

Sincerely yours

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Workshops, Masterclasses & Mastermind
The right format for your needs

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Format: Virtual or live on-site ■ Duration: 90 - 240 minutes ■ Number: Up to 50 participants ■ Aim and focus: Participants receive a compact and intensive introduction and overview of the topic and learn the most important methods and techniques. Time for individual topics and questions of the participants

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Format: Virtual or live on-site ■ Duration: 3h to 1 day ■ Number: Up to 30 Participants ■ Goal and focus: Tailored content and a focus on the development of methods and tools. The participants have not only understood the topic in terms of content, but have also mastered the necessary skills

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Format: Virtual ■ Duration: 90 - 120 minutes ■ Number: 5 - 10 TN ■ Goal and focus:  Hands-On Training with impulses and concrete coaching of challenges and situations from everyday leadership. Time for questions, exchange and discussion of current issues. Individual focus on the TN.

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Courage to change: seizing opportunities and shaping change

Change management and change cannot be learned theoretically. It’s not enough to talk about it either. You have to understand the background and apply the methods, techniques and skills. The better you are able to do this, the more sustainable the results will look.


Masterclass, workshop and mastermind

Contents and topics

  • What impact does the increasingly complex (working) world have on my daily job?
  • How do I guide myself and others through change processes?
  • What are the success factors of change and what really matters?
  • The mindset necessary to actively shape the future instead of just managing the status quo and passively enduring external change
  • Focus on opportunities and possibilities
  • Developing sustainable motivation in change management processes
  • Nobody wins alone: Why Teamwork Is So Important and What Makes Successful Teams Work
  • Develop strong implementation skills: Practical tips and tricks to implement new ideas permanently and sustainably
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Leadership Training
Modern leadership in times of change and transformation

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Successful change management and modern leadership always go hand in hand. But the topic of leadership has also changed radically. Managers today need completely different skills and approaches than they did just a few years ago. And this is precisely where the three Leadership Training formats come in, on understanding and implementing modern leadership in change.


Masterclass, workshop and mastermind

Contents and topics

  • How do I lead myself and my team through change processes?

  • The special role of managers, especially in “sandwich positions”: What is the best way to deal with one’s own insecurity and at the same time to lead the way as a role model for others?

  • Leadership in transition: How leadership has changed. Away from the traditional boss to a modern leader

  • How does motivation arise and how can it be maintained in the team?

  • The most important skills for guiding different generations and personality types through change processes

  • Why diversity is no longer “nice to have” for successful teams, but an absolute necessity

  • Courage to change: The art of being able to make difficult decisions

Mindset Training
The Inner Attitude Makes the Difference

Change happens in the mind and is always a matter of attitude. But how aware are you of your own inner attitude? What drives you and what obstructive habits have you built over time? In Mindset Training, we focus intensively on understanding and aligning our own inner attitude to opportunities, possibilities and the active shaping of the future.


Masterclass, workshop and mastermind

Contents and topics

  • What is Mindset and why is it so important?

  • What makes people tick and what drives them?

  • Growth Mindset vs Static Mindset

  • One’s own values as the most important driver of behavior

  • Change Mindset – Is it possible at all, and if so, how?

  • Conscious handling of one’s own mindset: insight and change

  • Dealing with different personality types

  • The 7 success factors of the change mindset

  • Recognize and change unconscious beliefs

  • Consciously aligning the inner attitude with opportunities

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Which change training is the right one?
On a personal word

You may be wondering which change training format would be best for your needs. For this reason, I would like to list the strengths of the individual formats once again at this point.

The Masterclass

This is a compact format that allows participants to gain an intensive and comprehensive insight into the topic in a short period of time. Perfect for creating momentum beyond the scope and timeframe of a keynote.

The workshop

In this intensive and interactive format, participants acquire knowledge as well as skills and abilities. In terms of content, this is where it goes deepest.

The mastermind

Due to the small group of participants who meet regularly, the highest level of individuality and sustainability is ensured.

Theoretically, the formats build on each other, so they can be booked as a package, but also individually (by the way, also in combination with a (virtual) impulse lecture). Feel free to write me a message, I will be happy to advise you.

Whatever change training format you choose, I can promise you one thing right now: I will put all my experience and my heart and soul into making sure that your team and your corporate culture benefit maximally from our collaboration,

Let’s make a big dent in the universe together.

Sincerely yours

Ilja Grzeskowitz